Bevel gearboxes INOX

The bevel gearboxes produced by Trevi by Sir are available in versions full protruding tree RA490-AP or to hollow shaft RA490-AC; these two details, as well as the rest of the components of the structure, are made of stainless steel AISI 316.

The choice of this particular alloy AISI was dictated by both the demand of the market, both the intrinsic metallurgical properties: on the one hand in fact, the ever more stringent hygienic regulations for the food industry require its use, on the other side, the AISI 316 UNI EN 10283: 2000 has characteristics such as to make it highly resistant to corrosion, which makes it ideal for use in harsh environments with high risk of oxidation or corrosion, such as in the nautical or chemical industry.
The particular working of the surface mirror, it helps to emphasize the anticorrosive quality.
It is a particularly robust bevel gearbox and with high rigidity thanks to the monobloc casting of the crankcase and the flange which is made from solid.
The perfectly cubic shape and the numerous drilling operations make it mountable on each support, in practically universal socket.
Nothing has been left to chance in the planning phase, use stainless steel is accompanied by the assembly of sealing rings and o-ring in Viton and there are two plugs for the visualization of the oil level depending on the different mounting positions.
Inside the bevel gearboxes the pair which transmits the motion is to spiral bevel toothing.
The angular backlash of the gear toothing is particularly reduced, to ensure superior performance, long life, reduction of vibrations and noise, and the teeth of the gears are subjected to heat treatment and subsequent rodatura.
The processing steps optimized and care during assembly make it a product of high range thanks to stringent tests on prescription, which are carried out on every single bevel gearboxes to test the performance and noise.
It is for these reasons that we can ensure low noise even at high speeds and under strain.
They are supplied complete with lubricant and are not necessary maintenance and refilling operations.