Trevi by Sir has an internal technical office to support its design and development activities and works in close contact with the internal sales department to respond promptly to requests for quotation: in the next step works in close collaboration with customer to define the project to be realized.
The expertise and experience gained by the technical office are one of the most appreciated strengths.
The department’s activities are standardized from the point of view of the procedures and each phase of the work involves the production of a detailed and exhaustive reporting.
The department is equipped with modern computer technology and software that provide the three-dimensional design that supports the entire design process and production.
In addition to the specific design activities, the office is responsible for the production control and preparation of the modules. In particular it does:
– Preparation of processing cards for departments
– The realization of specific drawings for each of the production phases.

Quality control

All of our products are subjected to step-by-step quality control, which starts from the management of the analysis and reporting certificates, passes from checks of each processing phase, to arrive at final checks and inspection first of shipment.