Production of Custom Gears and Worm-wheels

We are Production of Custom Gears and Worm-wheels
specialized in design and manufacture of custom gears and worm-wheels realized following your specifications or from a sample.
We produce precision gears cut from many kind of raw materials like aluminium, bronze, brass, stainless steel, ferrous metals and plastics.
We can realize only the toothing or a complete contract supply starting from raw material in bars or starting from casts to obtain a cheaper production.
Our current product range comprises:

  • Straight and helical spur gears with external and internal toothing;
  • Worm-wheels gears;
  • Pinions;
  • Timing-belt pulleys;
  • Splined shafts.

Technical specifications:

  • Modulus: from 0,5mm to 10mm
  • Maximum diameter: 800mm

The care taken during the production phases, guarantees the high quality of all our products. Thanks to the great flexibility and ability to adapt and evolve we have been very successful in an extremely dynamic market: the quality of products and services are the main values of our company.