Mechanical jacks

The mechanical jacks are used to transform the rotary motion into vertical lift or horizontal positioning.
They are massively used in the following areas: for boxing machines, packaging, capping, filling, for medical use, in mixers, solar panels, and for many different uses.
The mechanical jacks Trevi by Sir, by positioning facilitated thanks to the rectangular shape and flattened, are made in anticorodal aluminium, high-quality material which combines lightness and strength to the advantage of being particularly suitable for the anodic oxidation treatment to which all our jacks are submitted.
This process provides for electrochemically creating an oxide layer that protects the metal from corrosion.
The purpose of the anodizing treatment is:

  • improving the corrosion resistance;
  • increase the surface hardness;
  • increase the wear and abrasion resistance;
  • o improve the aesthetic appearance;

Silver is the colour proposed for the anodizing, but there is a wide choice of colours.
The jacks are available in various sizes, and the standard configuration (always ready in stock) are juxtaposed multiple possibilities of personalization, both for the realization of the engine seating that for predispositions and it is always possible to request special pairs.
The excellence of the materials chosen is extended to each component: for all sizes the wheel is integrally made of bronze, without the use of extraneous materials such as steel or cast iron, this in order to ensure the highest strength and rigidity, combined with the corrosion resistance.
The worm is always with ground profile and for sizes 30 and 32 also cemented and hardened.