Worm gears

We provide at your disposal the know-how and the technology that we use to produce the worm gears assembled in our gearboxes.
A high specialized department of the company operates in the thread’s cut and we share with you a completely automated area with a robot that assures excellent performance in material handling, increased production rates and reduced lead times.
We are able to realize any allotment of production: we have traditional machineries to realize small quantities so to obtain economical products, and modern state-of-the-art machinery for mass production.
You can choose between a complete contract supply or only the mill of the worm’s, thread realized starting from yours semi-finished pieces, and ask for the heat treatment and the grind of the thread and of the external cylindrical diameters.
We can work single and multiple starts from 0,75 module up to 10 module with a workpiece diameter up to 250mm and a clamping length of 750mm.
You can avail yourselves of the innovative software for the calculations of the dimensioning and coupling worm / worm-wheel.
We have developed it by ourselves and it’s proved to be more functional and flexible in comparison to the standard software that you can find on sale.
But first of all, you can rely on the experience of our technicians and on the vocational training of each one of our partners