Our activity started more than half a century ago, when the founder, Mario Tremolada, opens its first mechanical workshop, initially specializing on precision turning operations. Over the years, but more and more rapidly, there has been a broadening of the activity areas, with an increasing specialization in the production of motion transmission organs and an installation of special departments for the toothing of the gears and for threading of worms.
Thanks to the acquired skills and professional growth in the second half of the 80’s was founded the Tre.vi. S.n.c., when other members of the Tremolada family have become part of the corporate organization.
The current name is more recent and dates back to the mid-90s, that is when the Trevi acquires the “Italian Society S.I.R. reducers”.
A story of passion and professionality that makes us proud to boast high quality products and customized services that meet every need.



Birth of the company

The founder, gives name and life to “Officina Meccanica Mario Tremolada”, initially focusing on precision turning operations.

The field of activity expands rapidly

It is realized the first speed reducer, which is followed by an increasing specialization in production of motion transmission organs in special departments for the gear toothing and for threading worms.

The company moved to its current production site

Displacement required for the extension of the production areas and for the increase in the workforce involved in all processes. Our business is growing.

Tre.vi Snc is founded

The passion for mechanics is passed down to the next generation. Intergenerational coordination allows the preservation of craftsmanship work without giving up the benefices introduced by technological innovation. The production department is expanded with numerical control machines and highly automated areas are realized.

Expansion of trade with the production of gearboxes

In the same year it acquired the company S.i.r .: it was born Trevi by Sir srl

Adozione del Sistema di Gestione conforme alle norme UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Progettazione e produzione sarebbero nulla senza la sicurezza della perfetta realizzazione: all’interno della sala metrologica viene monitorata costantemente la conformità del prodotto alle specifiche del progetto affidatoci dal cliente.

Realization of two robotized areas for the production in a continuous cycle

In the same year, it is implemented the first robotic island, for milling of worms.

Inserting the second robotic island for the adjustment of the worms profile.


Potenziamento della capacità produttiva

Grazie all’introduzione di nuovi macchinari, viene triplicata la capacità produttiva di dentatura di alberi scanalati.

Differentiation of activities

Strengthening of production capacity of turning semi-finished and of parts machined on vertical machining centers.

Technological investment

Introduction of a new machine for the milling of worm screws, which allows us to work up to M12 for a total length of 2 m.