We can produce worm-wheels and gears as commission manufacturers starting from your drawing or from a sample but our technical office can design a new project in very short times.

We can realize only the toothing, the thread or the thread’s grind of yours semi-manufactured pieces or realize every step of the production: our store of 500 square meters allows us to keep raw material always ready to be promptly worked.

We carry out in our machine shop all the workings:

  • Cnc and traditional turning;
  • Cnc slotting;
  • broaching;
  • precision boring;
  • tapping;
  • worm milling;
  • toothing;
  • thread;
  • grinding of inside and outside diameters of cylindrical pieces and thread’s grinding of worm gears.

For heat treatments, we turn to trusted suppliers and each process is accompanied by an inspection certificate.